The Daily Bugle Weekly Highlights: Week 8 (22 – 26 Feb 2021)

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Last week’s highlights of The Daily Bugle included in this edition are:

  1. German BAFA: “Export Controls in Germany”; Monday, 22 Feb 2021; Item #6
  2. DHS/CBP: “CBLE Announcement – Remote Proctored Exam Delivery Option”; Tuesday, 23 Feb 2021; Item #5
  3. EU Council: “Myanmar/Burma – Council Adopts Conclusions”; Tuesday, 23 Feb 2021; Item #9
  4. Netherlands TCA: “Top 44 Most FAQ about Brexit and Customs Goes Live”; Tuesday, 23 Feb 2021; Item #12
  5. EU Commission Publishes Action Plan on Synergies between Civil, Defence and Space Industries; Thursday, 25 Feb 2021; Item #4



German BAFA: “Export Controls in Germany”

(Source: German BAFA) [Excerpts]


The Germany Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control as a central licensing authority is responsible for the administrative implementation of the Federal Government’s export control policy. Together with the monitoring and investigating authorities, especially the different customs offices, it is involved in a complex export control system.

Objectives of Export Control

The foreign trade with commodities of strategic importance, mainly weapons, armaments and dual-use items, is subject to control. Dual-use items are goods, software and technology that may be used for civil and military purposes. A milling machine, for example, may be used for processing components for civil as well as military products.

Within the framework of its legal and international commitments, the export control policy of the Federal Government is oriented to the security need and foreign political interests of the Federal Republic of Germany. Particularly its security must not be threatened by conventional armaments and weapons of mass destruction. German exports should neither intensify conflicts nor contribute to internal repression or other severe human rights violations in crisis areas. Its international involvement obliges the Federal Republic of Germany not to burden its foreign relations by critical exports.

With the increasing globalization, efficient export controls are only possible on the basis of an intensified international and European co-operation. The Federal Republic of Germany is a member of numerous international treaties and export control regimes aiming at the harmonization of export control regulations and licensing policies. Of special importance are the lists of items established by the international regimes; these lists are technically updated in regular periods.  . . . .



DHS/CBP: “CBLE Announcement – Remote Proctored Exam Delivery Option”

(Source: DHS/CBP)


U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is offering a remote proctored exam delivery option for the April 21, 2021 Customs Broker License Exam (CBLE) available to a limited number of examinees.  Remote proctoring allows the examinee the opportunity to take the CBLE in their home, or another private location, if their test environment meets certain conditions, requirements, and passes a system test prior to registration. Remote proctoring means a person (the proctor) will observe the examinee via the computer camera throughout the exam, from sign-in through completion.

The remote proctored exam delivery method will be offered on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis until full. If you are not interested in the remote proctored exam delivery, or the remote proctored exam delivery is full, the April 21, 2021 exam will continue to be available at In-Person Pearson VUE testing sites.

Remote proctoring is being offered by CBP in an effort to modernize the CBLE, in consideration of both current challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and to evaluate a remote examination’s potential to address geographic coverage limitations of in-person examinations. Please visit the Remote Proctored CBLE portion of this webpage for more information on the rules and requirements and instructions on requesting to participate in the April 21, 2021 remote proctored exam delivery method.

If you are interested in remote proctoring, before submitting the exam application and paying the exam fee on eCBP, you must perform the system check, and read the required conditions and behaviors listed below at Remote Proctored CBLE. The remote proctored exam delivery option is NOT a viable option if you do not fully pass the system check AND agree to the behaviors and conditions.

To preliminarily test your computer and internet connection please visit the Examity website at:  It is important to check your system compatibility during different times of day, during high traffic internet usage, and under similar conditions expected on exam day. If your testing system is not compatible DO NOT register to take the CBLE remotely. You can find more information on the In-Person CBLE delivery further below on this page. 

Please note that you will have to download Examity software onto your computer the morning of the examination. If you have a company computer or any computer with a firewall, or an administrative password protected firewall, DO NOT REGISTER 

for the Remote Proctored CBLE, as your computer will not allow you to take the examination.  

You will NOT be reimbursed or granted a free examination if your testing system does not operate properly during the April 21, 2021 CBLE.

If your testing system passes the preliminary Examity system test and you are interested in taking the remote exam please visit the Remote Proctored CBLE section below for all the information you need about the standards, requirements, and registration process for the remote exam.



EU Council: “Myanmar/Burma – Council Adopts Conclusions”

(Source: Council of the European Union, 22 Feb 2021)


The Council adopted conclusions condemning the military coup carried out in Myanmar/Burma on 1 February 2021 in the strongest terms, and stressed that the EU stands with the Burmese people.

In the conclusions ministers called for a de-escalation of the current crisis through an immediate end to the state of emergency, the restoration of the legitimate civilian government and the opening of the newly elected parliament. They called again on the military authorities to immediately and unconditionally release President U Win Myint, State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and all those who have been detained or arrested in connection with the coup.

Not only should authorities exercise maximum restraint, but all sides should refrain from violence.

While the EU is ready to support dialogue with all key stakeholders to resolve the situation, the Council stated that the EU stands ready to adopt restrictive measures targeting those directly responsible for the military coup and their economic interests. At the same time, the EU will continue reviewing all its policy tools as the situation evolves, including its policy on development cooperation and its trade preferences.

The EU will continue to provide humanitarian assistance and will seek to avoid measures which could adversely affect the people of Myanmar/Burma, especially those people who are in the most vulnerable circumstances.



Netherlands TCA: “Top 44 Most FAQ about Brexit and Customs Goes Live”

(Source: Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration, 22 Feb 2021)


Today saw the publication of the fully revised and supplemented list of the most frequently asked questions about Brexit and Customs. These Top 44 FAQs answer the many questions entrepreneurs have about the new situation with the United Kingdom (UK).

Brexit has given rise to questions among many entrepreneurs about the changes in trade between the EU and the UK. For example, what has changed in the various customs formalities for import and export? And which rules of the NVWA (Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) have to be followed? This list answers all these questions and more. The document also provides links for where you can ask other questions and obtain more information.

Be sure to read the answers to the 44 most frequently asked questions.



EU Commission Publishes Action Plan on Synergies between Civil, Defence and Space Industries

(Source: European Commission, 22 Feb 2021)


Find the publication here.

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