Michael E. Farrell

Partner & Managing Director

Michael Farrell has advised major companies in several sectors (energy, defense, and electronics) on export compliance, and was a representative to the Aerospace and Defense Industry Association in Brussels. Mike has dealt with the setting up, remediating and mitigation of various International Trade Compliance programs. He has developed a trade compliance management system, including audit methodology, that became a widely accepted industry standard. Mike has proven experience in working with large multinationals as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, in the Oil & Gas, Aerospace & Defense, Manufacturing, Logistical, and financial sector, and with a Ministry of Defense, including their associated programs and (sub)contractors (JSF, F-16, Apache, Chinook). He spreads his knowledge and experience across industries and as Honorary Lecturer within the EMITC program. Before joining FCC, Mike was a partner at PwC, specializing in consulting and lecturing on global export compliance, risk mitigation, and secure collaboration to universities, companies, and governments in the EU and U.S.

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